About Us

Logical Choice is an insurance broker that specialises in helping customers that might not fit inside the 'standard box' that other brokers and insurers are looking for. We cater for everyone's needs by taking the time to speak to all of our customers in order to gain a full understanding of what is required for their insurance. Combining this with our diligent fraud and background checks, insurers are confident to give us their market leading rates for us to pass onto you.

High Performance/Supercar Insurance

We take the view that having a high performance or high value vehicle does not mean that you are a higher risk. Instead we like to think that if you've managed to purchase your dream car then you will take extra care to look after it. Regardless of age, accident and conviction history we will aim to find you cover at a competitive price.

Sports Professionals/Celebrity Insurance

Occupation can be a major factor when it comes to insurance, and sports professionals and celebrities can find themselves paying over the odds or even turned away with some insurers seeing these occupations as higher risk. Whether you're career is just beginning, you're scoring goals at Wembley or you're starring in the next box office smash we will aim to find you insurance tailored to your needs at the right price.

Convicted Driver Insurance

We know that everybody makes mistakes and understand that history doesn't always paint a picture for the future. Having motoring or non-motoring convictions can make it difficult to find affordable insurance through the conventional providers. By speaking to you we try to see the bigger picture in all circumstances and aim to find insurance that doesn't punish you further with inflated premiums.

Imported Vehicle Insurance

If you're looking to import a vehicle or already have one, don't let insurance costs take away the joy of owning these increasingly popular cars. This area can be a minefield to find the right cover and our insurance specialists have extensive knowledge of imported vehicles to guide you through. We even have insurers that can provide short term cover just to get your newly imported vehicle registered with the DVLA.

Non UK Residents Insurance

We realise that some of you drive in the UK regularly but may not be a permanent resident here. We know how difficult and time consuming it can therefore be to find insurance that suits your needs. If you are not a permanent UK resident, depending on your circumstances we can arrange cover for you whilst most other brokers will just turn you away.

Modified Car Insurance

Unlike others we love to hear how you've changed your car, whether it is how it looks or how it performs and we understand that most of the time this means you'll pay special attention to looking after it. Provide us with as much information as you possibly can and our team will aim to find you insurance that ticks all the boxes.
Anything not mentioned above? Our team have a world of experience with all types of weird and wonderful insurance requirements, so drop us a line and put us to the test. It's the Logical Choice!