Document Guide

Some of the insurers we use require certain documentation from you in order to verify your details. This allows us to obtain competitive premiums for you and protects you from ever increasing insurance fraud.
When we request documentation, we need to receive it within 23 days of asking. If we don't, we will have to cancel your policy. Please see the FAQ page for more information about our cancellation process and the fees associated with this.
We understand that sending in documentation is not ideal and that your time is valuable, but this is an important part of the insurance policy process. Here is a guide to help you with any documentation requests we may make:
We only require COPIES of documents; please do NOT send in originals as we cannot accept responsibility for these.

For your convenience you can send us copies in any of the following ways:

  1. Scan your documents using a desktop scanner, and send them to:
  2. Take a photo of the documents using a digital camera and send the photo to:
  3. Take a photo of the documents using a Smartphone or Tablet and send the photo to:
  4. Post copies of your documents to: Logical Choice, Brightside Park, Severn Bridge, Aust, Bristol BS35 4BL.

Copy of Driving Licence

For motor insurance policies we will require a copy of both the front and the back of the photocard section and the MyLicence check code or download for ALL drivers on the policy
Licence Image
Please ensure:
  • The name on your licence is current
  • The address shown on your licence is your current address and matches the address used for your insurance policy. If your licence shows a different address, you will need to send it to the DVLA to be updated before sending it to us. Sending a licence with an incorrect address could result in an increase to your premium
  • The copy you provide is clear and readable

Proof of No Claims Discount (NCD)

If you have indicated that you are entitled to NCD we will require proof from your previous insurer of this. This can be in the form of your renewal notice as long as it shows your entitlement, or confirmation of your last cancelled or lapsed motor insurance policy. Please note that NCD can also be referred to as NCB - No Claims Bonus, but they are the same.
Please ensure the document displays:
  • The policyholders name
  • The vehicle registration
  • The policy end date or cancelled date
  • The policy number
  • The number of years no claims discount
  • The insurance company’s name and contact number
Please see the FAQ for any questions you might have regarding No Claims Discount

Proposal Form

The insurance company we have placed you with might require you to sign a declaration or application form that contains all of the information that you provided to us when completing your policy. Usually we will have pre-filled the information for you.
Please ensure:
  • You check the document thoroughly for any errors or omissions
  • All blank boxes or unanswered questions are completed
  • You sign and date all relevant sections as some forms require more than one signature

Limited Mileage Declaration

Depending on the amount of miles you have indicated that you will cover during the policy period, the insurer may provide you with a discounted premium for lower than average mileage. In order to receive such a discount the insurer would require us to get a signed declaration from you.
Please ensure:
  • The declared current mileage of the vehicle is as accurate as possible
  • The declared projected mileage for the policy period is correct
  • You sign and date declaration

Vehicle Registration Documents (V5)

For motor insurance policies some of the insurers may request a copy of the DVLA vehicle registration documents (V5). Length of ownership can have a dramatic effect on an insurer's premium calculations, especially when it comes to high powered vehicles. An example of the DVLA vehicle registration documents (V5) can be found below:
V5 Image

Proof Of Tracker Fitted

For motor insurance policies, if you have indicated that the vehicle contains a tracking system the insurer may request proof of its fitting. This is because this type of security can allow significant discounts to be applied to your premium.
Please ensure:
  • The details of the tracker device are provided (e.g. make, model)
  • The details of the vehicle the tracker is fitted in are provide (e.g. registration, make, model)
  • The fitting proof contains details of the garage who installed the tracker